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Estate Planning

Background of your Estate Planning Attorney

Whether you choose to utilize Mr. Cartwright or someone else, make sure they have a sound foundation in estate planning, including experience in the field and knowledge in areas such as taxation that may impact your estate plan.

Darrell Cartwright has a solid foundation in estate planning, with an undergraduate degree in Accounting before attending law school, then passing the CPA Examination while focusing on taxation at Tulane Law School, and later obtaining a Masters in Laws in Taxation, with emphasis on estate planning, from the University of Miami School of Law. He has co-authored books on probate and taxation in Alabama, and is a frequent speaker on estate planning topics. He has been a Professor of Income Tax and Estate Tax at Birmingham School of Law, Birmingham-Southern College, and Samford University for many years.

Reviewing the Law
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Estate Planning Services

Cartwright Law Center helps clients who are single, married with and without children, husbands and wives with blended families, and more with an effective estate plan to meet all of their needs. Often this involves creative solutions that avoid eliminate or minimize federal or estate tax, avoid Probate, and provide protection of their estate from the claims of creditors.


Last Will and Testament

This could be a standalone document, or a "Pourover Will" working with your Revocable Management Trust  Agreement.

Mr. Cartwright will assist you in making sure your Last Will and Testament complies with Alabama law, provides for the beneficiaries you choose, and includes other critically important legal decisions. Part of this process will include naming fiduciaries for your Estate, Trustees of your Testamentary or Revocable Trust, and Conservators and Guardians for Minor Children. Attention to taxation issues, creditor issues, and beneficiary issues may be part of your overall estate plan. Acting as a team with Mr. Cartwright, you will work toward identifying any issues that may exist and he will help provide solutions in your Estate Plan.


Revocable Management Trust

Lifetime Document with benefits during life and at death

Often clients choose to utilize a Revocable Management Trust Agreement as part of their overall Estate Plan. The proper use of this Trust may provide protection from the Probate Process, and freedom of your Trustee to manage and distribute your assets without Probate Court oversight and supervision, which may be unnecessary, expensive and may fail to fulfill your personal wishes.  A Revocable Management Trust Agreement may also provide benefits for you while you are living, allowing you to operate as your own Trustee during your lifetime.

Insurance Agent

Other Important Estate Planning Documents

Financial General Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, Alabama Advance Directive for Health Care, and Funeral and Burial Instructions and Agent appointment are some of the important ancillary documents that should accompany any effective Alabama Estate Plan.

Mr. Cartwright will help you plan for emergencies that not only occur at death, but also during your lifetime. Consideration of a "springing" or "sprung" financial General Durable Power of Attorney may help to prevent a financial disaster for the family in the event of your temporary or permanent incapacity. 

Having a Health Care Power of Attorney, an Advance Directive for Health Care, and a Living Will may not only fulfill your wishes, but also protect those wishes and make sure that your family knows who will help carry out those wishes for your medical treatment if you cannot make those decisions for yourself.

There are many other legal protections that exist during your lifetime and at death that Mr. Cartwright will be happy to discuss with you as well. 

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